The Local Committee of the chapter has a vital ministry function. Primarily, this group of God-called believers, is given the authority by the state board to grant oversight of the ministry. It makes sure that the purpose of the mission is carried out, as well as its policies and procedures. There are monthly meetings.

Current members, from various local churches, are:

Pastor Carl Baker

Pam Brush

Cody Eckenrode

Patrick Granat

Craig Potter

Helen Stansbury

Supreme Court Case in June 2001

The Lord granted His favor upon Child Evangelism Fellowship with this particular case.

The main point centered on the use of public school facilities by non-school community groups. The decision of the court was to grant CEF the same permission to use a school’s facility as any other group.

We simply desire equal treatment under the law, not special treatment.  The Lord opened up a ‘new door’ for the Gospel.