Party Clubs

These special one-time events are usually conducted during seasonal times. Some appropriate times would be Easter, Valentines Day, Summer/Watermelon, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

This ministry is a great way to get the Gospel out to the children in your neighborhoods and schools. They are scheduled for 60-90 minutes. As always, we seek to be balanced with our applications of biblical truth for the saved as well as for the unsaved child. We make sure that there is always an “element of fun” in all that we do.


This event takes place during the summer. Evangelism is the emphasis. A tent-like structure is set up where the children are invited to have their face painted. They are then told a Bible Story using the Wordless Book. The children are given an opportunity to trust in Jesus
as their personal Savior. Some helpful literature is offered to those who are willing to accept it.

Truth Chasers

A unique way for children (ages 5-12) to learn about the Bible. Children like to be part of a club plus receive mail. This is a correspondence ministry (age appropriate lessons) that is completely free, even the postage. Awards are given as a course is completed. Interested? Simply call us or email us.